Control the data of your accommodation with our property management software

See the main management indicators and comparative charts in a single screen

Main page with general data: Income by reservation. Number of reservations received. Upcoming check-in / check-out. Latest properties uploaded to the system. Owners registration.

Edit your content

Organize and edit the data of your property ads

Edit the ads for your properties that travelers will see

You can edit both static part (photos, amenities and description) and dynamic part (prices and calendars). You can use preconfigurated rules for your rates and check-in, simplify the edition process. You can also select which channels you want to integrate with.

Manage your bookings

Manage all your reservations from a single panel for a better job

Simplify workflow with centralized management

Manage new reservations and requests. Manage the check-in and check-out. Send information to the traveler. Control payments Receive notifications and alerts, etc.


From manaager you can control all the properties and their reservations

Your booking status at a glance

Control each reservation, request or cancellation from a single page, instantly. Find available properties on a certain date or for a certain number of people and maximize the booking opportunities.

Access to 30.000 Agencies

Competition in the short term rental market is increasing

Differentiate yourself from your competition

At manaager we open the door to very differentiated distributors such as tour operators, wholesalers, airlines and loyal partners.

We collect the payment and prepay you 15%

We take care of the charges to travelers and we pay 15% in advance

In addition to managing the entire reservation process

We also take care of travelers' charges, which will mean that you will always be protected by us against possible defaults.

0% commission

Distribute through us at the lowest cost for you.

We work with Net prices

We work with Net prices on which we use advanced dynamic price management techniques.




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