Connect with the main channels

Publish your accommodation simultaneously in the main holiday rental channels

Centralizes the reservations of Airbnb,, Homeaway, etc, with manaager

A single management panel where you can receive reservations from hundreds of portals. Access to travellers from all over the world through global portals and local guests thanks to our specialized distribution channels. You choose which portals you want to integrate with.

Sync content

Synchronize both the static and dynamic information of your ads

Edit a single ad for all travel portals

All the details of the accommodation are centralized in manaager. You can synchronize description, images, amenities, location, etc. Any change you make in manaager will be synchronized automatically in all portals.

Sync prices

Create your price rates and manage them form manaager to all portals

Establish your own pricing system

At night, per week, different seasons, weekend, etc. And modify it whenever you want.

Synchronize calendars and bookings

Make blockages, reservations and updates from manaager

Avoid duplicities and overbookings

It is no longer necessary that each time you receive a reservation enter each portal to block the dates. When you receive a reservation, the information is updated in manaager and it is spread through the rest of the portals with which your property is connected.

Integrates with Mailchimp and Docusign

Launch email marketing campaigns and sign documents from manaager

The tools you need, much closer

Thanks to Mailchimp integration you can forget about having to update databases manually when launching campaigns. The integration with Docusign allows you sign agreements and contracts with a single click, forget about scans, photocopies, etc.

Request a demo

Try manaager integrations requesting a demo totally free and without commitment.



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